Use this page to launch or install to your browser this instance of SiteBar Bookmark Server. It is recommended to bookmark one of the links marked with "*" instead of bookmarking this page. This page can be opened from SiteBar window by clicking on the top logo.

SiteBar Installation & Launcher

Any Browser
Use SiteBar* in this window - or open it in a pop-up SiteBar-like* window.
Install / Uninstall to the Explorer Bar and context menu - requires Windows registry change and system restart for all features. Depending on your rights only some features might be installed.

Open SiteBar Explorer Bar from menu View/Explorer Bar or use Customize... toolbars' function to get the SiteBar Panel toggle button shown on the toolbar. Right click anywhere on the page or over a link to add the page or link to the SiteBar.

Add SiteBar* temporarily to the Search Explorer Bar.

Use when you do not have enough rights to use Installer above.

Add to a Mozilla/Netscape compatible sidebar - toggle display using F9.

Mozilla Firebird users should use the link above to create bookmark that opens in sidebar when clicked.

Add to Opera's Hotlist as sidebar.

Use Ctrl+click instead of Right+click to display folder or link context menu.

Download customized sidebar and/or Add Current Tab to SiteBar toolbar plugin.

Content Bookmarklets

Add Page to SiteBar* - right click this link and add to your favorites/bookmarks toolbar. It will allow you later to add a link to the page currently viewed in the browser to SiteBar. MS IE users can use installer and context menu instead.

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